Structural Fittings

12 Weeks


Engineering Skills


At the end of the course, students will be able to read and interpret Engineering shop drawings/piping sketches. Students will gain an in-depth understanding of the scientific and mathematical concepts employed in construction field. Student will be able to fabricate/erect metals or pipe into finished structures according to given engineering design drawing together to create a finished sheet, structures or pipe project. The Program will cover the general concepts and practices required to launch a professional career in Structural and pipe-fitting

Who Needs This Course?

  • Construction industry professionals and technicians
  • Facility management professionals and technicians
  • New entrants into any of the above

Organization Where a Structural Fitter Can Feature

  • Electrical Company
  • Construction Company
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil And Gas Industry
  • Engineering Company
  • Financial Institution
  • Maintenance Service Provider
  • Domestic And Entrepreneurship

Course Content

  • Sketch/drawing production and interpretation
  • Learning and understanding of Engineering dimensions
  • Commonly used codes and symbols
  • Safety, Knots and Rigging
  • Marking, cutting and burning process
  • Basic Welding and joining techniques
  •  Fabrication and Erection techniques
  • Dimensional tolerances and inspection control
  • Structural/Pipefitting Science and Technology
  • Installation of Substructures
  • Basic Tools and Materials

What Participants Will Get

  • A conducive training environment
  • Qualified Instructor with field experience
  • Practical classes
  • Interactive learning methods
  • Participant’s training booklet
  • Certificate of Training

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