Risk Managment Training Course for Jointly – Owned Properties

4 days


Real Estate Skills


This course shows you how to prepare for your community’s future by identifying insurance risks and addressing critical issues. Learn how to optimize your community’s risk-management program and gain strategies and resources for evaluating property coverage, reporting losses and managing claims.

Topics include:
• Assessing insurance risk
• Reviewing alternative risk-management techniques
• Developing a request for proposal for insurance coverage
• Responding to losses
• Managing insurance claims
• Monitoring and improving risk-management programs
Learning Objectives
Module 1: Risk Management
How to apply the risk management process to community association- using property as the primary example of exposures to possible loss.
– Conduct an initial inventory of an association’s current risk management situation.
– Use appropriate resources to identify an association’ exposures to possible loss.
– Recognize and respond to exposure to possible loss that requires immediate attention.
– Analyze an association’s exposures to possible loss.
– Identify roles in developing a risk management program.
– Identify alternative risk management techniques.

Module 2: Role of Insurance in Risk Management
Implement Risk Management Techniques in the Risk Management Process.
– Identify important aspects of an association’s fact sheet
– Identify important request for proposal terms
– Identify and describe the various types of insurance coverage typically found in community association programs.
– Identify bid specifications for a insurance proposal
– Identify and define claim process terms.
– Identify perils of an incorrect claim process.

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