Professional in Human Resource & Management (PHRM)

PHRM Training school in Lagos

30 Hours
  • To increase the participant’s knowledge of HR and its practices
  • External influences on HR such as laws, policies, and regulations
  • Organizational influences on HR like business strategies and organizational culture

The Professional in Human Resource Management Course is committed to preparing participants to serve as future HR and organizational leaders through a broad-based management education. Understand the latest HR trends, policies to improve the performance of any organization

There are various career options and we often wonder which one can give us a platform to outshine.

With new emerging and upcoming academic trends, it has been observed that from the past few years management courses have gained tremendous popularity among the modern career aspirants and professionals. A lot of people are showing a great interest in taking the Office Management and Administration course as this course not only benefits academically but professionally as well.

Human Resources Management

  • HR Functions
    • Staffing/employment
    • Performance evaluation
    • Compensation and benefits
    • Training and Development
    • Employee relation
    • Health, safety, and security
    • HR research
    • Strategic alignment
  • HR Generalist and HR Specialist
    • Human resource manager or executive
    • Human resource specialist
    • Human resource support jobs
  • HR Role
    • Management of firm infrastructure
    • Management of employee contribution
    • Management of Strategic HR
    • Management of Transformational change

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