Microsoft Project Training

10 Hours

Microsoft PowerPoint training is effective program that enables you to make charming slide introductions that can be effortlessly be shared on the web.  If you want to present any information creatively and professionally, then Microsoft PowerPoint is the perfect tool.

Introduction to Microsoft Project

  • Understanding What Defines a Project
  • Introducing MS Project
  • The Workbook Window of Project
  • Major parts of the Project interface
  • The Backstage: Managing Files and Setting Options

Developing a Project

  • Creating a New Project Plan
  • Creating a Task List
  • Entering Task Names
  • Entering Durations
  • Entering a Milestone
  • Organizing Tasks into Phases
  • Linking Tasks

Setting up Resources

  • Types Of Resources
  • Setting Up Work Resources
  • Entering Resource Capacity
  • Entering Resource Pay Rates
  • Adjusting Working Time for Individual Resources

Assigning Resources to Tasks

  • Assigning Work Resources to Tasks
  • Assign to Resources to a single Task
  • Customizing the Gantt Chart View
  • Reformat a task name to visually stand out
  • Customizing the Timeline View

Tracking Progress on Tasks

  • Need For Tracking
  • Saving a Project Baseline
  • Tracking a Project as Scheduled
  • Entering a Task’s Completion Percentage

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