Manual Metal Arc Welding (MMAW)

Good welding school in Lagos

12 weeks


Engineering Skills

Who Needs This Course?

  •  Job seeker: It gives you a competitive advantage over others, increases your earning potentials and makes you eligible for employment in any sector. The HSE qualification is mandatory for getting a job in some sectors.
  • Working Professionals: It gives you a platform to easily switch jobs or industries and increases your earning potential. It also helps you get a lucrative job in top sectors of the economy.

Organization Where a Trained MMAN Welding Professional Can Feature

  • Electrical Company
  • Construction Company
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil And Gas Industry
  • Engineering Company
  • Financial Institution
  • Maintenance Service Provider
  • Domestic And Entrepreneurship

Course Content

  • Welding safety
  • Types of welding
  • Welding defects
  • Welding materials
  • Practicals
  • Blueprint Reading – Learn ISO and AWS welding symbols and acquire the knowledge required to interpret various types of sketches and prints.
  • Oxy-Fuel Cutting (OFC) – Students learn safety measures involved with OFC, the main components of and how to set up oxy-fuel equipment.
  • ARC, MIG, FCAW, TIG & Pipe welding process & techniques – Learn the multiple techniques available in welding.

What Participants Will Get

  • A conducive training environment
  • Qualified Instructor with field experience
  • Practical classes
  • Interactive learning methods
  • Participant’s training booklet
  • Certificate of Training

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