Forklift Manual Operations

1 Week


Engineering Skills



This is a fully comprehensive course designed for an individual with little or no lift truck experience. This course is comprised of intensive classroom instruction, including discussion and a written test, as well as hands-on practical training and evaluation. Upon successful completion of the course, the operator will be presented with a lift truck certificate as proof of training.

Organization Where a Trained Electrician Can Feature

  • Electrical Company
  • Construction Company
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil And Gas Industry
  • Engineering Company
  • Financial Institution
  • Maintenance Service Provider
  • Domestic And Entrepreneurship

Course Content


  • Performing of pre- inspection
  • Pedestrian awareness
  • Stability principles: lift truck design and operation
  • Parts of a truck/pre-shift inspection
  • Fuel sources (battery and propane)
  • Operation of truck
  • General safety rules/guidelines
  • Summary (written test)


  • Review Of Pre-Shift Inspection
  • Battery Maintenance And Charging Procedures
  • Propane Cylinder Exchange
  • Safe Operating Techniques
  • Load Handling/Selection
  • Extensive Hands-On Training And Application

What Participants Will Get

  • A conducive training environment
  • Qualified Instructor with field experience
  • Practical classes
  • Interactive learning methods
  • Participant’s training booklet
  • Certificate of Training

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