Financial Management Course for Jointly – Owned Properties

4 Days


Real Estate Skills


This course gives you the tools to understand and apply the principles of financial management to your community association. You’ll learn the entire budget process, from identifying line items to reconciling accounts to gaining board approval. You’ll also learn how to analyze and report on association finances. Topics include:
• Developing, managing and balancing budgets
• Financial planning processes
• Replacement reserves and basic investment principles
• Accrual and fund accounting
• Analyzing financial reports and records
• Using budgets and financial reports as management tools
Learning Objectives

Module 1: Budget Development

Development of a community association budget from identification of budget items and their level of service through budget approval.

Module 2: Understanding Financial Reporting

How to use working financial reports as a tool for decision-making and as a management control. Management control is any means used to track, record, or command attention.

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