Continuous Education Program for Brokers (More Than 5 Years’ Experience)

4 Days


Real Estate Skills


The Continuous Professional Development Program for Sales and Leasing Brokers aims to elevate their professional skills to operate successfully in the market. It is required for all certified brokers operating in Dubai in order to renew their license. During this course, attendees will be reacquainted with the main legal and procedural concepts of the real-estate market in Dubai, real-estate sale and leasing concepts and procedures and any applicable updates to such concepts, additionally to know the best practices and learn from the participants’ experiences.
The Course covers the following topics:
• Broker’s Obligations including Code of Ethics and Disciplinary Action system
• Categories of Real Estate Broker Cards
• Brokerage Offices Ranking System
• Real Estate Sales Process with an overview of main components including:
o Listings
o Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)
o Agency and sales contracts (Forms A,B,F)
o Description/introduction to the smart App used by brokers
• An overview of the 4 Sales Models
o Cash Buyer – Mortgage Free Property
o Cash Buyer – Mortgaged Property
o Mortgaged Buyer – Mortgage Free Property
o Mortgaged Buyer – Mortgaged Property
Real Estate Ownership Types:
o Free-hold
o Leasehold
• Property and Developers Registration
• Developers and Buyers; Rights & Obligations
• Landlord/Tenant Obligations
• Rental Increase Index
• Jointly Owned Properties
• Power of Attorney in real-estate
• Leasing Process

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