Certified Training for Commercial Real Estate Brokers

4 Days


Real Estate Skills


Gain more knowledge about how the commercial market operates and join this program. This program includes overseeing the rules, regulations and factors affecting the market. This course aims to educate through interactive case studies including practical examples and anecdotes from the instructors.
Course Objectives
• To recognize how integral, the commercial sector is to the wider economy.
• To understand micro and macro factors that influence the commercial sector.
• Indications on best practice and how to operate ethically and transparently.
• To understand the commercial transaction processes.
• To develop a clear understanding of the core skills that are required in commercial transactions such as how to measure and advertise properties.
• To gain insight into the legal framework protecting the industry and its workers
Topics covered;
The course will be broken down into eleven core elements. These include;
1. Market overview What property types form the commercial sector?
2. Property Measurement: Why is measurement essential? What are the different advantages and disadvantages of the methods available?
3. Value & Investment Appraisal: The methods of valuation, investment analysis and the fundamental concepts.
4. Leasing, Letting, Sale & Purchase Methods of disposal and the use of marketing.
5. Commercial Real Estate Law The legal framework that should be followed, and its purpose.
6. Portfolio Theory and Asset Management: Why diversify? The relationship between risk and reward.
7. Land and development Financing, Escrows and trust arrangements.
8. Residual land and Development appraisal: Assessing land prices, data input and sensitivity analysis.
9. Property Management Building Pathology, construction contracts and building defects.
10. Topical Issues Sustainability, taxation and disability in the UAE.
11. Standards and Ethics Anti-bribery, core values and property data.

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