Arabic Language Course

10 Hours


Language Skills


The Arabic Communication Skills course covers a wide range of everyday situations and teaches an active vocabulary of words. The course presents topical useful and stimulating exercises to get participants to actually use the Arabic language to converse. The course uses native Arabic speakers with a vast amount of experience in teaching the Arabic language to novices. It covers everyday situations, providing the participants with a thorough knowledge of the language, this course will enable the participants to read, speak and write with a reasonable amount of fluency.

The participants will gain a clear knowledge and understanding of important facets of the language such as the Arabic alphabet, pronunciation of Arabic words, the use of verbs and nouns, and how to read and write simple sentences in Arabic.

A General Introduction to the language

  • History of the language
  • Contribution of the Arabic Language in the languages of the world
  • Classifications of the Arabic language
  • Basic features of Arabic
  • Varieties of Arabic


  • Saying hello and good bye in Arabic
  • Asking and answering the question how they are
  • Telling about their countries of origins and places of living

Meeting People and general topics

  • Introducing yourself
  • Meeting someone you know
  • Talking about your home and family
  • Places and their locations
  • Asking for locations
  • Giving directions

Learn about numbers and pronouns

  • Learn how to count in Arabic from ( 0 till one million)
  • Learn the different types of pronouns (Personal, possessive )
  • Practice numbers and pronouns in useful conversations
  • Learn how to ask about time in Arabic

Basic Grammar

  • Masculine & feminine
  • Small Introduction to tenses

Expressing likes and dislikes

  • Likes and dislikes
  • Ways of expressing it

Some Basic Conversations

  • At a restaurant (how to order food, pay the bill etc…)
  • At the shopping mall
  • At the bus Station

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